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With a combined 60 years of experience in the commercial logistics industry, the principle partners of Embark Imports & Exports formed a local company to supply reliable and cost effective international shipping services. Now in 2022, after servicing clients with fifteen years of outstanding delivery and short/long-term warehousing services, we are positioned to assist companies in solving their supply chain and logistics management problems. Embark Imports & Exports offer a range of professional shipping services structured at competitive rates that can help growing traditional and e-commerce companies to securely transport their products between shipping depots, branch offices, and end-point delivery locations.

Delivery Options
Competitive and reliable trucking, air, rail and ocean freight shipping solutions to meet our clients needs
Personalized Support
Our devoted team of international specialists will create you a cost effective supply chain solution
Secure Storage
Select one of our strategically located warehouses for securely storing your inventory and finished goods
Worldwide Shipping
Receive priority scheduling and cargo services from our trusted network of international shipping partners