Warehouse Services

Embark Imports & Exports supplies reliable public warehousing options in the tri-state area to clients in need of immediate or long-term storage solutions. Our direct and third-party logistics providers concentrate on assisting our clients in streamlining their distribution channels to allow for enhanced operational flexibility and overall cost reductions.

Through our network of logistic partners, we are able to locate a suitable warehouse facility with interior or exterior storage options to meet your business needs. We work with a variety of business clients in safely storing industrial products, building materials, chemicals, supplies, electronics, finished goods, and perishable products for clients on either short-term or long-term schedules.

To address security concerns for clients transporting and warehousing their valuable inventories, Embark Imports & Exports offers private storage options that are equipped with enhanced theft prevention measures that include access control systems, video surveillance and proximity locators.

Our customized security solutions reduces risk and helps clients prevent organized cargo theft by increasing internal and external protective countermeasures. With a layered security approach that protects our leased facilities, we are able to assist clients in lowering their cargo transport and warehouse insurance costs.

A significant advantage of using an Embark Imports & Exports bonded warehouse is the convenience that they provide when shipping goods internationally. We will structure a flexible delivery and storage agreement that transports your products to its desired destination and reduces your duty obligations and custom fees.

International clients benefit from the shortened delivery times created by storing their inventory and cargo in our bonded warehouses. These supply chain management solutions offer ideal opportunities for inventory control where clients can adjust their seasonal importing and exporting schedules to meet the business and sales cycles of their particular industry.

Embark Imports & Exports offer a full range of warehouse distribution services to provide businesses the instant ability to manage, track, modify shipment instructions, and create inventory reports that allows clients to control every action associated with their supply chain.

Our full-service importing and freight forwarding solutions will successfully prioritize your scheduled order fulfillment needs which means you can focus on your core business services and allow us to attend to the synchronized tasks of servicing your supply chain.

Let our experts complete a site survey that focuses on identifying useful logistics tools and modern supply chain integrations to provide a seamless experience for our clients and shipping partners.

By incorporating the latest advances in robotics technology into a portion of our warehouses we have been able to improve the administrative and operational effectiveness of the inventory control and order fulfillment tasks that we complete for our premium service clients. These modernization improvements are part of Embark Imports & Exports expansion into the full-service digital freight forwarding arena.