Logistics Services

Years of hands-on experience in dealing with international wholesalers and distributors have provided a strong foundation for Embark Imports & Exports to offer clients functional solutions designed specifically for the needs of importers and exporters.

The integrated accounting packages we support provide features for landed cost tracking, multi-currency input and warehouse management to aid clients with their inventory control logistics. The robust user interface of these technologies allows clients to incorporate new functionality options without major productivity sacrifices.

The growth of eCommerce and online shopping has increased the need for better logistic control over adopted import and export strategies. Embark Imports & Exports have partnered with industry leaders to open international gateways for effective online order placement with responsive delivery options.

Given the acceleration in the volume of end user eCommerce transactions, an advanced and flexible import fulfillment strategy is critical to a company's sustainability in competitive digital marketplaces. Consider consulting with one of our professionals about our proven supply chain services to enrich your growth and profitability.

The inventory management tools utilized by Embark Imports & Exports have allowed us to optimize the layouts of our associated warehouses. By employing SmartBarcode scanning and system-directed picking with amplified picking routes we have eliminated manual error and boosted labor efficiencies.

Our technologies permit the processing and shipment of orders from multiple locations which increases the efficiency and accuracy of active warehouse operations. These accepted practices allow for the effective management of rotating stock to increase profit margins.

Adopting an AI-driven scheduling solution delivers intelligent, real-time supply chain information that includes end-to-end data on supply chain processes. This insight provides clients real time visibility that empowers data-driven decisions for optimal delivery.

An Embark Imports & Exports transportation scheduler will connect all of your supply chain operations with a single view of orders, shipments, inventory and shared digital processes to provide you the visibility needed to improve velocity and the agility to respond to disruptions in a timely and efficient manner.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing end-to-end supply chain management operations with robotic process automation powered tools being successfully deployed to reduce human inventory errors and accelerate material handling.

Combining inventory control scanning technologies with robotic equipment has aided in the growth of Embark Imports & Exports with the automation of synchronized warehouse duties relating to the picking, sorting, and fulfilling and replenishing of open orders and inventory items in select warehouse locations.