Shipping Services

Ground shipping is the ideal option for business clients looking to complete long-distance small business shipping. Your items will securely be transported to destination points in an acceptable time. Delivery services include loading dock delivery on full truck load and less-than-truckload orders.

Based on the conditions of your shipment, destination and scheduling options, our team will contract your delivery services for either an in-house, partner fleet, or owner-operator delivery assignment. These flexibility options allow us to provide flatbed, oversized and overweight freight shipments which are essential for our industrial and construction sector clients.

For clients in need expedited delivery services, Embark Imports & Exports provide a portfolio of air freight options. By leveraging our established relationships with domestic and international carriers, our team can effectively coordinate route planning and tracking to make sure your cargo is efficiently forwarded to its logical destination.

Our vast network of domestic carriers, allows us to coordinate the logistics of our air freight deliveries with seamless synchronization. We are able to deliver your goods intact and on-time to most domestic locations while offering cost-savings on your seasonal freight costs.

Embark Imports & Exports offer countless options related to container rate transportation to personally meet your specific shipment needs. We contract with cargo carriers that regularly ship a range of raw materials and finished goods to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania.

We make flexible arrangements for clients to lease cargo space on ISO standard containers to meet the customized, repetitive demands of exporters and importers engaged in international trade. We provide12 different ocean shipping container types and a variety of sizes to choose from within those types, making it possible to ship everything from finished goods, automobiles, bulk grains, raw materials and perishable commodities.

In partnering with established leaders in the railway industry, Embark Imports & Exports effectively moves freight long distances by reliable domestic rail routes. These automated intermodal transportation networks offers you truck-like reliability built around your business — giving you more options and more control to delivery locations.

Our supply chain and logistic management system will allow for the rapid processing of your shipping containers at North American ports and borders and safely move your cargo along the East Coast or across the country from West Coast ports to your factories or drop-ship locations.

We We offer fast, convenient and versatile local shipping services to accommodate our retail clients that allow them to remain competitive with end user eCommerce buying options. These cost effective delivery options provided by Embark Imports & Exports’ partners let clients overcome normal retail logistics obstacles with seamless transportation solutions for pick-up and final delivery fulfillment.

In providing end-to-end oversight for all retail shipments we are able to monitor and identify insufficient lead time and react to these issues in real time to ensure deliveries happen as planned. These established processes help retail shippers overcome their logistics challenges associated with everyday shipments, roll-outs, product recalls, and special order requirements.